Board of Directors

Ebunjan Performing Arts Association


The Ebunjan Performing Arts Association (registered in 2003) is an implementing Non-Governmental Organization that is committed to developing the performing arts in The Gambia.  Specifically, the Ebunjan Performing Arts Association’s mission statement is to “enhance the capacity of youths for social and cultural development, tourism and entertainment.”

The Ebunjan Performing Arts Association consists of the Board of Directors whose role is to provide advice and guidance to the artistic director, staff and artists. The Directors, selected from the Business, Education, Diplomatic and Artistic fields are: Alhaji Mustapha Njie, Dr. Roddie Cole, H.E. Mrs. Susan Waffa Ogoo, Alhaji Kebba Njie, Mr. Crispin Grey- Johnson, and Janet Badjan - Young.


Board of Directors


Gambians who were committed to improving the standard of artistic excellence in the Gambia, were invited to join Janet Badjan- Young. to make a contribution towards the provision of the infrastructure and a training programme to develop the performing arts.


 sogoo  cjohnson

Honourable Mrs.Susan Waffa- Ogoo is the Minister of Foreign Affairs and former Ambassador of The Republic of The Gambia to the United Nations. Before that, she held several key positions at Gambia’s Cabinet of Ministers, for example, she was the former Minister for Trade, Industry and Employment, the former Minister for Tourism and Culture and the former Minister for Fisheries, Natural Resources and the Environment .

Crispin Grey – Johnson has served the Republic of the Gambia in high profile capacities. He was Gambia’s former Ambassador to the United States, Brazil, Venezuela and High Commissioner to Canada. He was Secretary of State for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology and Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. He is now a Development Adviser and an Investment Broker.




Dr. Roddie Cole is Gambia’s leading architect & urban planner.

A graduate of University of California, Berkeley, he is founder and principal of GAP Consultants. He has had work experience in Ethiopia, Sudan, Liberia and the US.  Dr. Cole was the original architect of the theatre. When the use of earth bricks was agreed on he played the role of consultant to the young architect, Tom Brand who was attached to Earth Construction the contractors for the building project. He made decisions on techniques, use of space and information on expertise available in The Gambia. He has given his time and expertise free of charge.


Mustapha Njie is the Chief Executive of TAF Holdings

A dynamic Gambian entrepreneur,r who has changed the landscape of the Gambia with high quality and elegant structures. He built and furnished 52 villas in record time for the African Union Summit held in The Gambia in 1996. Mr. Njie has won many international awards and accolades for his achievement in the business sector.

Kebba M Njie is a Management Consultant and has had over twenty years’ experience working in the public sector and in various capacities in Government of Gambia.  He retired in 1995 as Director of Lands & Surveys.  

He joined the Sahel Group as a founder member, one of the leading consulting firms in the Gambia, in 1997.  His portfolio at Sahel as a senior consultant include among others: Manpower capacity building and Development Management.  Mr. Njie is also a director at the Senegambia hotel, Sunset Beach hotel and ABDEN Co.Ltd and is also a business adviser to commercial Institutions