Ebunjan Theatre Troupe

Ebunjan Theatre Troupe
Promoting Theatre as a Tool for Social Development


The Troupe consists of professionally trained actors, theatre Arts professionals, choreographers, traditional musicians (experts in the kora, xylophone and drums), talented youths from secondary and primary schools.


The primary mission of the Ebunjan Theatre Troupe, (the executing arm of the Ebunjan Performing Arts Association.) is to enrich the lives and nurture the minds of Gambians young and old through its projects and performances.


The aim of these programmes, projects and performances is to:


  • Have an impact on literacy particularly at the primary and secondary school levels
  • Provide a platform for innovative thinking and dialogue
  • Provide youths with skills for employment in the communication, education and entertainment sectors.
  • Provide an arena for international cultural exchange.
  • Develop a unique Gambian form of theatrical presentation which incorporates storytelling, music and dance.


Plays on social issues are important items on our production agenda.  The Troupe has presented plays on HIV/AIDS, early marriage, women and children’s rights.


 Each year dance drama workshops for children between the ages of eight and thirteen have been offered to ensure that Gambian culture is passed on to its youth. Children who have attended these workshops are given the opportunity to act in a full- length play before an audience.


A Theatre in Education project is currently being planned specially for students who are preparing to sit for the West African Examination Council (WAEC) examinations. Students will be exposed to the varied aspects of literature through a live performance staged at the theatre. They will have a better understanding of literary analysis in dealing with theme, plot, setting, historical contexts, characterization and others. This experience will positively influence their examination results.


 This project will also develop literary skills; provide opportunities to think and write analytically; encourage articulate speech; nurture appreciation for the written and spoken word. The exposure to a variety of cultures and situations within the plays will develop minds and change attitudes.




 Song Of Hiawatha


 Twelfth Night “Twelfth Night” by William Shakespeare a production by Ebunjan Theatre Troupe and The Young Actors Company (U.K.) July 2014 Sir Toby Belch ( Harry Nicol) ...



Mystical Strings


                     Women Of Owu

  Princess Orisaye (Aurelia Prom) bride of a god dances with a lighted torch.   


 Ebunjan Hand Puppet Training