Two hundred and forty students from ten Upper Basic Schools in Region 2 will have the rare opportunity to perform the play “Backway- The Desperate Route to Babylon” to an audience of over 20,000 students.

A cast of twelve actors from each of the ten schools, will perform to audiences ranging from700 to 3,000 students.

Ebunjan Theatre Troupe, with funding provided by the Ministry for Foreign Trade and Development, Netherlands Government; is implementing “Theatre for Social Change” within schools in five regions in The Gambia.

The play which was launched last year explored relevant themes associated with the alarming phenomenon of Gambian youths risking their lives for what they perceive as a better and richer life in Europe.

Prior to the first rehearsal of the play a Workshop was held on Saturday 17 February 2018 at the Ebunjan Theatre. Ten teachers, who would be responsible for the production in their school attended the workshop. Grace Chapman, School of Arts and Sciences, University of The Gambia; Coordinator of the project and Janet Badjan- Young, Ebunjan Theatre provided an overview of the content of the play; the themes explored and the objective of the play. Management and production techniques were discussed. The teachers were given the opportunity to read the entire play aloud and read select scenes on stage.

 IMG 3321
Ms Grace Chapman explains the role of theatre for social change at the workshop. 

IMG 3342 
Teachers from Kabafita, St. Peter's and Bottrop Upper Basic School read the description of the characters of the play

  IMG 3358
Rehearsing for the readings on stage from a scene of their choice.

IMG 3371
One of the groups presents a scene on stage

  IMG 3401
Teachers at the end of the workshop with members of Ebunjan Theatre Troupe




A Special Delivery  a play by Janet Badjan-Young

A Special Delivery by Janet Badjan-Young
A short play which underscores the effective role of Theatre as a communication tool.
A Symposium on Cancer was held at the Ebunjan Theatre on Friday 27 April. The play with a cast of three was performed prior to the discussions. Elements of the disease were highlighted; among them lack of adequate and state of the art equipment, to detect the disease at an early stage and wrong diagnoses.


Harry (Sheriff Manneh) and Rachel ( Kaddijatou Fatty) play the role of a Gambian couple on a medical visit to London. 

Rachel fears that her results from the biopsy might reveal that she has cancer.    


Rachel falls asleep after crying bitterly about a future with cancer. Her late mother Azalea (Monica Davies) appears to comfort her.  


Mother and daughter discuss issues relating to wrong diagnosis in The Gambia. Azalea urges her daughter to open the Special Delivery( results of the Biopsy) which she had kept in a draw unopened during the festive days of Christmas and NewYear's Eve.

 The results would reveal much more than Rachel expected! 


 Rachel reveals the wonderful news from her doctor. The result from her tests are Negative, she is cancer free. She made a pledge:

 "My goal from now on will be to educate myself and others about the disease, the symptoms, the screening process, the kind of equipment needed for testing rich and poor. What can be done to avoid cancer and more importantly how it can be cured."        


  OUSMAN and ROHEY  by Janet Badjan-Young

A Gambian Love Story inspired by Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet



IMG 9672

 The Prologue (Christopher Tijan Smith) dressed in Elizabethan robe tells the audience about the themes of the play. The major  themes are Love and  Tribalism.

  IMG 9693

 The play is set in The Gambia, 1994-2016 during the era of the former regime, when tribalism raised its ugly head like a venomous snake andstung all the tribes in this land. Jorjor( Monica Davies) and Ebou Cham( Gabriel Joof)  discuss the hatred between them and their neighbours  Modou and Fatou Jarju


IMG 9702

 Ibrahim Jarju (Danny Constant) shares his preference for the practise of tribalism with his cousin Ousman (Assan Jobe)


IMG 9709

Ousman consoles Ibrahim who  was humiliated in an encounter with his neighbour's nephew. 


IMG 9733

 The Chams are celebrating the arrival of their daughter Rohey (Aurelia Prom) from England. Rohey receives a warm welcome from a    guest (Mabel King)

IMG 9768

  Imam Bah ( Syl Johnson) does not bring good news about Modou Jarju's son. Modou Jarju( Sheriff Manneh) is anxious to know what happened to his only son.  

IMG 9769

 Fatou Jarju ( Ida Mendy) is devasted when she hears news of her son Ousman


IMG 9776

 Rohey's best friend Patricia explains  why Rohey and Ousman decided to go to Dakar and what happened during the journey. 

IMG 9781

" All's well that ends well"