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Backway-The Desperate Route to Babylon


The incredible play is Ebunjan TheatreTroupe's contribution to the Backway problem 

HAMLET to be staged at Ebunjan Theatre,The Gambia

Shakespeare's Hamlet

The International Year Of Light and Light Based Technologies 2015 (LET THERE BE LIGHT)


United Nations Objectives: Global awareness of how light based technologies promote sustainable development and provide solutions to global challanges in energy,education,agriculture and health.


An Article on Light: ( Access to Electricity in Rural Areas)

Many years ago,In some parts of the world, the sun is the most reliable source of light for many households. At night, entire families learn how to clean and eat with light from the moon .

Access to light matters in many ways  that may not be initially expected. Children cannot do homework, nor can parents continue to work (e.g. making clothes or food) in the evening.

Poor academic outcomes can mean low-income career opportunities that perpetuate a subsistence existence. Without stable electricity, banks, schools and other ventures are unwilling to “set up shop” in a town. Expand this across entire countries and the challenge becomes clearer: lack of light hinders the advancement of people in the world.


Ebunjan's Presentation:  let there be light

The theatrical presentation will consider the following:
The Sun, the natural light of the world; the largest star of the universe; its profound contribution to the growth of human beings,plants and animals.

The Sun as a source of inspiration to scientists around the world.

The Sun as a significant source of renewable energy for The Gambia.


VENUE: Ebunjan Theatre Opposite G.F.A
            ( Gambia Football Association)


Promotion of Youth and Student Engagement in the Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the UNESCO Slave Route Project in The Gambia. 

Event at the Theatre will showcase students from select schools in drama's about Slavery.
Excerts from "Chains Of Inspiration" The play which highlights the strengths of the slaves who returned and made an impact on national development in their various countries will be shown.

DATE:Wednesday 25th March 2015.
VENUE: Ebunjan Theatre (opposite the GFA - Gambia Football House)